The price of the photoshoot consists of a large number of factors: goals and objectives, total amount of work, renting additional equipment, hiring assistant. Please message me to discuss these issues and the cost of the work.  If the project is large and interesting, then the cost and details are always discussed individually and discounts are possible. 

I give away the first photos within a few days of shooting. The rest of the series I do depending on the work load, but we can always discuss quick post-production. I send photos in optimized size and high resolution in a beautiful online gallery.  

I live and work in Moscow, but  shoot in other cities and countries with pleasure. There are successful projects done in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Seychelles and many other places around the world.

Price. Photographer Konstantin Gribov


In addition to shooting, I also train photographers (both professionals and amateurs).

Price. Photographer Konstantin Gribov

Online consultation

Up to 2 hours inclusive. Consultation takes place, as a master class, but through zoom, Skype other messengers. For example, image processing techniques (light, photoshop, smartphone tools), work with customers, portfolio review, equipment selection, work with light, etc. 

Price. Photographer Konstantin Gribov

Individual workshop on street photography

We meet, shoot, I tell useful information, share experience, you shoot under my guidance. Then we watch the footage in the cafe on the laptop, select, process, immediately collect a series. In addition, you show your “best of” and ask questions.  To pass the master class it is enough to have any modern smartphone with a built-in camera.


Frequent questions from customers and answers to them. If you have any questions, please send me direct message.

What kind of content am I shooting?

I shoot portraits (in the studio and on the location), do business shooting (both corporate and individual), reporting, lifestyle content for Instagram and sites. I always prefer interesting and complex projects

Can I buy your photos?

Yes, I sell my work for personal and commercial use. Please send me direct message to discuss details.

Do I work with legal entities?

Yes, we have extensive experience and templates of all necessary documents.

What kind of camera do I use?

The Big one! :)

If seriously, the equipment is selected depending on the objectives. I work on both digital and medium-format film, and, of course, I love shooting on my iphone. Additional equipment such as flashes, tripods, light modifiers, etc., are also used.

How long am I in photography?

I am connected with photography from early childhood, the first camera was the legendary “Smena 8m” wich my grandfather gave me. Professionally began doing commercial photoshoots since 2003, while I was a student, with the development of the first digital cameras. Almost 20 years already.


To book photoshoot and for any other questions write me on social networks and I will contact you soon.