• Project and exhibition “Point 55.754630, 37.638530” under the patronage of Garage Academy and Nadia Koldayeva in the art gallery SOLYANKA GROUND (Moscow). 
  • Author’s book “10.000 Steps”. 
  • Solo exhibition “Point of View” within the Moscow international festival of short films “Debut Film”. 
  • Top 100 Photographers in the LensCulture Street Photography Awards TOP-45 Travel Photographer Society Awards; 
  • The winner of the competition of the Russian Geographical Society “The most beautiful country”; 
  • International Photographer of the Year 2016; 
  • Winner of the Moscow International Photography Awards MIFA; 
  • Winner of the Best of Russia award; 
  • Bestphotographer Award winner; 
  • Participant of the All-Russian exhibition “Young Photographers”.

About. Photographer Konstantin Gribov
About. Photographer Konstantin Gribov

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Booking photoshoot is simple — fill in the form below: specify your name, contact and description of the task.  Or contact me directly (whatsapp, telegram, instagram, email).

About. Photographer Konstantin Gribov


Check the info about me and booking.

What kind of content am I shooting?

I shoot portraits (in the studio and on the location), do business shooting (both corporate and individual), reporting, lifestyle content for Instagram and sites. I always prefer interesting and complex projects.

How quickly and in what form will you receive the photos?

I give away the first finished photos within a few days after shooting. The rest of the series I do in 3-4 weeks. The photos are given in optimized size and high resolution in a beautiful online gallery.

Can I buy your photos?

Yes, I sell my work for personal and commercial use. Please send me direct message to discuss details.

Is it possible to book shooting in another city/country?

I live and work mainly in Moscow, but traveling to other cities and countries is not a problem. We have done many successful projects in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Seychelles and other places.

Do I work with legal entities?

Yes, we have extensive experience and templates of all necessary documents.

What kind of camera do I use?

The Big one! :)

If seriously, the equipment is selected depending on the objectives. I work on both digital and medium-format film, and, of course, I love shooting on my phone. Additional equipment such as flashes, tripods, light modifiers, etc., are also used.

How long am I in photography?

I am connected with photography from early childhood, the first camera was the legendary “Smena 8m” wich my grandfather gave me. Professionally began doing commercial photoshoots since 2003, while I was a student, with the advent of the first digital cameras. Almost 20 years already.

About. Photographer Konstantin Gribov